Zen Yoga: Body-Mind-Spirit Embodiment of Breathwork

Come Experience Authentic Ayurveda Therapies, delivered with
Compassion and Empathy enhancing Relaxation, Rejuvenation,
Purification, Stress Release Slimming as well as Healing and Beauty,
Leaving You Vitalized, Balanced and Happier

At Zen we think of Yoga as a way of life that explores the harmony between mind, body and soul. It’s about much more than burning calories and toning muscles. Yoga combines strengthening and stretching poses with coordinated breathing and meditative focus. At Zen, Yoga has its own philosophy and spiritual meaning that guides our guests to a new level of consciousness. Our classes are designed to strengthen physical and mental resolve, instil discipline and unshackle you from your inhibitions.

But they are also deeply restorative. Each Zenchi sunrise session takes place in the tranquillity of the Zen Nirvanum Sanctuary, overlooking a landscape dotted with lush forest, rice fields and vineyards, with wide-open views of the Sea of Bali. At sunrise guests go through a sequence of graceful Yoga asanas and stretching, starting with head, eyes and neck and ending with knees and feet exercises.

Every physical movement has to be coordinated with conscious inhalation and exhalation exercises. The Zenchi Yoga relaxes the joints and muscles and enhances blood circulation. This 15 minutes Yoga exercise is followed by 15 minutes Pranayama (effective breathing with maximum oxygen in and toxins out) and 15 minutes of mindful meditation and spiritual gratitude.

Zen’s Yoga masters have attended workshops by Indian guru Swami Ramdev. They practice timeless techniques that will give you greater control over the many elements that determine your wellbeing, from building resilience against negative emotions and anxiety, to contending with the physical and psychological barriers that keep us all from realizing our full potential.

If you are unfamiliar with Yoga, our masters can provide all the guidance you need to confidently practice Yoga in a group setting. They can suggest Asanas depending on your level of fitness and flexibility. Individual classes can also be tailored in to target specific health conditions. Daily Yoga gives our guests the opportunity to explore the divinity of mind, body and soul.

Though it may seem like a purely physical action, there is much more to Yoga than meets the eye. We see it as a process through which the body is strengthened, the mind fortified and the soul enriched. And the science bears that out. Numerous studies have detailed Yoga’s physical and psychological benefits. Yoga practices and corresponding breathing techniques are proven to treat many of the chronic and acute illnesses common in our modern lifestyles.

Whether you are searching for clarity, seeking help for a specific health concern or in need of rejuvenation, Zen’s natural, integrative approach to wellbeing can help restore your internal balance and help you live a life happier and healthier. Our approach to health begins with the strength and fitness of your body, deepens to the attainment of emotional stability and finally leads you to intellectual clarity; a more rounded knowledge of yourself and the world around you.

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