Zen Vision

Zen Resort Vision

Enhancing Guest experiences of Holistic Wellbeing and Sustainable Lifestyles Transformations Pathway to Sustainable Development in Harmony with Nature, with an emphasis on Guests taking home wellbeing practices to incorporate in their daily life

The 21st century modern lifestyles, rampantly being adopted worldwide, are characterised by unhealthy diets, inadequate physical, psychological and spiritual exercises, stress at home, stress at work and life in an increasingly polluted world. This combination is resulting in widespread ailments and diseases, including mental illness and depression, hypertension and cardiac diseases, obesity and diabetes as well as  cancer.  Modern medicine thus far does not have a cure for these life-long diseases and most countries simply do not have the healthcare resources to confront these escalating health burdens of modern lifestyles.

Zen Vison is to create holistic wellness resorts that empower guests with knowledge and means to achieve harmony with their body, mind and soul through healthy nutrition, balanced physical, mental and spiritual exercise, wellness therapies as well as  recreational activities. We draw upon vast experiences of traditional practices from around the world – including Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, pranayama, naturopathy, acupuncture as well as  mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and creative rehabilitation and integrate them with modern healthcare systems.

Zen Resort Vision

We strive to recognise people as complex living beings, rather than a combination of parts, systems and symptoms. We realize that we cannot confront the 21st Century human health and environmental protection challenges of modern lifestyles without mobilizing the knowledge and practices of traditional and modern healthcare to deliver the right mix of preventive, restorative and curative health and wellbeing actions that people truly need. We have developed unique innovations comprising an integrated holistic wellbeing approach to health, healing and happiness, comprising physical, psychological and spiritual multifaceted therapies that enable and empower individuals to self-heal.


At Zen Resort we practice inclusive business and societal responsibility and implement  sustainable development measures including solar power, grey water recycling and ecologic waste management. We share knowledge and subsidize support to the local community for sustainability actions as well as creating local employment and livelihoods, farmer’s agricultural advisory, yoga and meditation classes for children and the elderly in the local village and marine rehabilitation and protection in partnership with local fishing community.

Over the last 15 years many guests from around the world have experienced wellness and healing at Zen. Our philosophy remains unchanged and our passion undiminished. We provide every guest with healthy practices and wellness regimes they can incorporate into their daily lives. Our holistic wellness resort sanctuary is a place where your energy, creativity, fantasy and mindfulness come to the surface. Places like this need to be at the core of sustainable wellness tourism integrated with the local community and bringing together the best of traditional and modern healthcare and wellbeing  practices.

Zen Resort Bali
15 Years Empowering Wellness and Sustainable Lifestyles
Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Healthy Nutrition, Zen Harmony Diving


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